Scope of Business

 1.        Investment Fund Management based in Canada

            Quorum Asia makes investment in the following sectors:

  • Office operation solutions system
  • Online and multi-media marketing solutions
  • Social network and community solutions
  • Niche manufacturing solutions
  • Tele-communication technologies
  • Financial services solutions
  • Oil and gas and resources technologies
  • Environmental and green technology
  • Business to business solutions
  • Health care and life style solutions
  • Residential/commercial real estate development projects
  • Bridge financing 

The investment funds leverage the experience and networking of the Core Team in order to assist the investee companies to expand its market between North America and Asia. Therefore Quorum Asia will focus on investment opportunities in both North America and Asia which have the desire of global market penetration/expansion.

2.        Corporate Finance & Professional Services

            Quorum Asia identifIies North American companies (“North American Targets”) which may have a potential in expanding into Asia or which may have attraction to the Asian companies that would like to be associated with in terms of products and markets.

  • Sourcing Asian customers for their products/services
  • Sourcing business partners, e.g. Joint Venture (“JV”)
  • Sourcing Investors
  • Facilitating the above transaction for both sides, e.g. JV, merger and acquisition (“M&A”)  and public offerings (the “Transactions”)

On the same token, Quorum Asia identifies Asian companies (“Asian Targets”) which may have interest in expanding the business into North America and want to be associated with the Target Companies. Quorum Asia will approach the Target Companies offering the following services:

  • Making introduction to the Target Companies in North America
  • Assisting the Asian Targets in streamlining their accounting standard and operational management to be in line with the North American practice
  • Facilitating the business transaction between the North American Targets and the Asian Targets
  • If need be, sourcing funding to finance the Transactions